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3D Microcurrent Face Roller: Skin Rejuvenation & Lifting Massager


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3D Microcurrent Face Roller: Skin Rejuvenation & Lifting Massager
3D Microcurrent Face Roller: Skin Rejuvenation & Lifting Massager

Experience a revolution in skincare with the Microcurrent Face Roller, your key to unlocking unparalleled skin rejuvenation and lifting.

Discover a new era of beauty with our 3D Face Roller, a sophisticated device that combines cutting-edge technologies to elevate your skincare routine, unveiling a fresher, tighter, and more rejuvenated complexion.

Unveiling Advanced Features of Microcurrent Face Roller

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from durable zinc alloy and ABS materials, ensuring both longevity and skin safety.
  • Technological Marvel: Integrates LED, EMS, Warm, Infrared, and Vibration Massage functionalities for comprehensive skincare benefits.
  • Efficient Power: Operates at 5V 1A with an 800mAh battery, providing up to 10 hours of continuous usage on a single charge.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Compact and lightweight for on-the-go skin pampering, ensuring your skincare routine remains uninterrupted.

Why Opt for Our Microcurrent Face Roller?

  • Effectively tightens and lifts facial skin, combating visible signs of aging for a more youthful appearance.
  • Enhances skincare product absorption, maximizing their effectiveness for optimal results.

Integrate this device seamlessly into your morning and evening skincare rituals for enhanced product absorption. Glide the roller over your skin post-application to witness a transformation towards toned, radiant, and youthful skin.

A sophisticated massager that combines innovative technologies to enhance your skin, unveiling a fresher, tighter, and more

Standout Features of Our Massager

Experience a comprehensive facial treatment with our 3D Microcurrent Face Roller, designed to address various skin concerns while providing relaxation and revitalization. Elevate your skincare routine with this innovative device that goes beyond traditional face massagers. Compact and lightweight for on-the-go skin pampering.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Step into a realm of innovation and witness a transformation in your skin like never before.

Order your 3D Microcurrent Face Roller now and embark on a journey towards timeless beauty with our advanced tech masager!

Additional information

Specification: 3D Microcurrent Face Roller: Skin Rejuvenation & Lifting Massager

Working Principle

LED,EMS,Warm,Infrared,Vibration Massage

Commodity Quality Certification


Power Source


Manufacturing Process

Machine Made


Zinc alloy +ABS

Standard Voltage



Skin Rejuvenation,Anti Wrinkle,Whitening,Lifting

Brand Name



Mainland China



Number of Pieces

One Unit

Item Name

Electric Micro-Current Face Massager

Feature 1

3D EMS Firming Micro Current Deedema Decree Wrinkle

Feature 2

Deedema Decree Wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Skin Devices

Feature 3

Tighten Skin Facial Massage For Eye and Face

Feature 4

EMS Microcurrent Beauty Device

Feature 5

Face Massager

Feature 6

Relieve Eye Fatigue

Feature 7

lighten fine lines and dark circles

Feature 8

EMS Massager Microcurrent Face




5V 1A

Rated Voltage


Battery Capacity


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