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Jade Face Massager Set


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Jade Face Massager Set
Jade Face Massager Set


Nourish Your Skin’s Radiance
Elevate your skincare regimen with the exquisite Jade Facial Massage Set. Incorporate these tools into your routine to indulge in rejuvenating facial and body massages, promoting skin tranquility and reducing puffiness effectively.

Product Overview
Enhance Skin Vitality with Massage Tools
Facial Roller
Embrace tranquility and rejuvenation with our jade facial roller. Featuring two Xiuyan jade stones, this tool enhances your natural beauty, imparting a radiant glow from within. Dimensions: 5.8 in. * 2.4 in. Frame Material: Zinc Alloy.

Guasha Tool Description
Our jade guasha tool, rooted in Chinese traditional medicine, tightens loose skin and enhances radiance. Despite its small size, it offers significant benefits for overall skin health. Dimensions: 2.95 in. * 1.77 in.

Facial Massage Technique
Post cleansing, gently glide the tool from the center of your face outward and upward. Repeat several times on your jawline, lower cheek, and cheekbones. Utilize the small roller for delicate under-eye care.

Jade Stone Benefits
Xiuyan jade, revered as a stone of eternal youth, retains its coolness for extended periods and offers balancing and cooling properties. Metaphysically, it fosters harmony, relaxation, and negates negative energy.

Embrace Timeless Beauty
Integrate the Jade Facial Massage Set into your skincare routine to sculpt and refine your facial contours. Stimulate blood circulation, promote skin cell renewal, encourage lymphatic drainage, alleviate puffiness, and relieve tension. Experience enhanced product absorption and elevate your skin’s health with this extraordinary Jade Facial Massage Set!

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